Problem with external google drive storage

I installed the plugin for external storage following this guide

The link works but I can see the files only in the main root … if I go into a folder I don’t see what’s inside.

do you know how to solve?

NextCloud 17.0.3

at first it shouldn’t have been possible for you to install that app from appstore… because it’s only for nc versions <=16. you are running 17. so everything could happen…

plus: you are linking to a outdated version of manual (v11) - not only the code of nc might have gotten changed since then but also google changed their way of granting access to external apps (afaik).

I don’t know what other documentation to turn to … you know?

in general i would try to find the fitting one for v17.

but be warned… chances are that this app won’t work correctly (if it would ever work) in nc17.

I have not found anything about it … there is only what I know unfortunately

you havent found anything in v17 because the latest supported version for that app was nc 16.

or wait… there was an outsourced app files external or something. that one would work soso up to nc16.
it was a quick shot by someone who got depressed that native nc-support for g-drive was dropped after nc12 or so.

so apparently there might be no solution for this problem of yours, i’m afraid

I understood, thanks