Problem with expired trial - how can I get it work in NC18?


I have updated Nextcloud to version 18. After that I installed the Document Server and then ONLYOFFICE. Both apps are activated. But I can’t edit documents with Onlyoffice.
In the app settings I find the following note:

The 30-day test period is over, you can no longer connect to demo ONLYOFFICE Document Server.

I had already tested the Onlyoffice for NC17 … But I never got it to work

How can I get Onlyoffice running now? Does anyone have an idea?

Thanks a lot,

Before nextcloud 18 you had set up your own document server. That means you needed the onlyoffice nextcloud app and had to install the document server community edition from only office.

With nextcloud 18 you get two apps you can install the onlyoffice app and the community documentserver app which replaces the need to do any manual set up/install of the document server.

In the settings of the onlyoffice app there is the option to connect to the trial server but that’s not needed at all if you have both apps installed.

I managed it. There were still entries in the oc_appconfig table in the database even after deleting the apps Document Server and Onlyoffice. I deleted the database entries, reinstalled the apps and then everything worked.

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Hi. How did you edit this oc_appconfig table? Im not an IT guy and im trying to figure it out how to edit it.

You can do this in phpMyAdmin. First make a backup. The remove the apps document server and onlyoffice in nc backend. After that open phpMyAdmin. Select the table oc_appconfig and search for entries with the app_id onlyoffice and documentserver. These lines you should delete. After that you can reinstall the apps.

hope that helps.

Ok, I will try. Ive installed Nextcloud on my openmediavault home server and Im trying to find the way to use phpmyadmin on OMV5.