Problem with deleted events in Calendar App

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I installed nextcloud about half a year ago and I am very satisfied with it. But, at the moment, I have a big problem with the calendar app. It seems like it automatically deleted all my events older than 2018. Because I migrated all events since more than 10 years and I don’t have a backup, I’d like you to help me with the questions as follows:

  1. Is it right that there is an auto-delete function in calender app?
  2. If 1) is true, how can I prevent past events to be deleted automatically?
  3. And most important: is there a way to restore deleted events or are they gone forever?

The CalDav is synched with emClient and two iOS devices. None of them has an auto archive / delete function for events.

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I have the same problem, my wife stored some very important dates in her calendar and it seems like they are gone after a specific time… anybody any clue, what’s going on?

could it be the server or is it maybe the calendar-app itself?
she is using Simple Calendar
I’m using the same app, but as soon they are done, I wipe them manually…

The Nextcloud server does not delete any calendar entries on itself.

Two things:

  1. Please check the online calendar if the events are still there, some clients only sync a limited time-range to save traffic and storage.
  2. Check all the clients you are using. If the events are indeed deleted, i suspect one of the clients used to be the problem.