Problem with curl create folder with Admin Account

Hello, everybody,

I have now set up my first private Nextcloud test instance after some time.
So far everything went smoothly here.
However, while playing around with the curl command, a small problem with the API became noticeable:

I can create and delete a user with the nextcloud admin via curl, but I can’t create or delete folders for my users.
Is this desired or can I set it up somewhere. In general, is it possible to create folders for my users via the Nextcloudadminaccount and a curl command (API).

Many thanks in advance
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You should read the the following paragraph in the administrator guide, which describes how to set-up a base skeleton for users. Additionally the impersonate app might be of interest for you, which allows an administrator to temporarily change the user context.

Thank you very much for your answer!

Is there any other possibility to create Folders before the first login or any way to grant the admin permanent rights to create folders for other users?

Follow the mentioned links and your question should be answered!

Thanks a lot,

i´ve read both articles and didn’t come any closer to an solution :frowning:
The base skeleton creates the directories after the first login of the user and impersonate app isn’t for automatic folder creation and permanent right to create folders and files…

I will get a closer look to the nextcloud admin config to, may i can set the rights to create folders anywhere at any time :stuck_out_tongue:

The impersonate app allows an administrator to temporarily change the user context so that he can act as he would be the user (create folders etc.).

hi! I am also interested in this question, have you found an answer to it?