Problem with auto-upload of photos from photos library


I don’t know if it’s the iOS client or if it is the new nextcloud server side app.
But some photos doesn’t get uploaded correctly. I’m suspecting that there is not checksum and the process get stopped abrupted.
Everything is up to date. The server is on hetzner so they handle the nextcloud version so I guess it’s up to date.

It seems that thoses photos which are broken, are from the messaging apps but not sure about it. It can be a more general problem.

So here is an example .
Here there is a screenshot of the global presentation of the app with one of the broken photo:

Here is the photo. It comes from the telegram app. I can upload it manually in another folder in documents without problem.
The result of the auto-upload resulted in a file on 0kb on my different hosts. But it’s not always true. I have broken photos of 2MB too.

Does anyone have any leads on that ? It wasn’t there before so it’s for several weeks right now so probably since one of the update.

Another question is how to reset the photos library to get back all the broken photos if possible? Or maybe an update of the app could have this feature with a checkup of all the photos ?

Or should I just erase the folder and relaunch it ? Is there a specific way to do that?

Thanks in advance

I had a similar problem up to about two weeks ago. After updating the nextcloud app on the iphone, there are no more broken or 0 kB files from auto-upload. Apparently, it was fixed. :+1: