Problem watching videos in browser with nc video player app

problem watching videos in browser

Nextcloud version (13.0.0):
Operating system and version (Ubuntu 16.04 x64, virtualized by kvm)
Apache version (Apache 2.4.29)
PHP version (7.0.25 with Zend OPcache)
redis version (3.0.6)

When I try to play / watch videos in Firefox browser (version 58.0.2 - 64-Bit) stored in my nextcloud space, after a few seconds it hangs and I can’t get it playing after that issue.
For that, I have to disable the app video player at the moment. But I want to enable this feature.

There is no difference between playing .mov or .mp4-files.

It works well, when I start to download the video file and start directliy playing in local installed vlc player (on a ubuntu box).

For that reason, I think, the bandwidth is not the bottleneck.

Do you have any suggestion or some advice for me?

The performance and stability of the server is good. I’m really satisfied. But only this feature won’t work like I expect.


I got into serious issues with playing videos when I tried to tweak the server settings. The values I modified where php-fpm related and “small” changes had really huge effects.

On my server php-fpm writes into the journal, so I found warning and error messages by looking into the journal with command:

Maybe it is the same for you.

Hi Schmu,

thank you for your advice. I checked the output of journactl but I can’t
find any error or warning.

I found this site

and I added the content to my 10-opcache.ini-file.

After that, I was able to play mp4-videos but mov-files won’t play anymore.
Next, I converted a mov-video to an mp4-file with the command:

ffmpeg -i -qscale 15 output-video.mp4

Back in nextcloud webui, I was able to play this mp4-video.

While playing around with this, I searched the internet and found, that
it is maybe not only a problem of the server, but also of the client. In
my case maybe my installed firefox?

At my linux box - I installed gnome-mplayer, restarted firefox, but it
it has no effect.
I could convert now all mov-files, that I want to publish / share, but I
hope, there is an other solution for that.

What else can I check?

Thx in advance for your advice.