Problem updating app from 0.3.1 to 0.3.2

NC 10.0.0.RC1, MariaDB, CentOS.

Internal update of app to 0.3.2 killed my config. My spreed-webrtc-server folder is placed in /var/www/nextcloud/webrtc (NCroot/webrtc), a launching script is run by a systemd service.

After the update, in the admin section the app hinted me that a new /NCroot/webrtc/server.conf has been generated and suggests me to copy the show config to that file. Done that - but: my NC/apps/spreedme/config/config.php suddenly was empty, so no-go anymore.

I had to reconfigure it (copy manually (external temp users, secrets) and finally it worked. Maybe this was an consequence of my “special” webrtc folder.

Anyway, backup up your NC folder before updating this app.

Otherways great product!


Yes, same here, with a “classic” install (spreedme in /apps)

I had to copy my previously saved “/config/config.php” over the update generated zero bits one… and also the same thing for the “/extra/static/config/OwnCloudConfig.js”

I don’t exactly understand what the advice “config/config.php was not found. We will use the Nextcloud database to read/write config values” means… Is the database also used to store this config.php ?.. In that case it could be unnecessary to also have a config.php file… That’s not clear for me.

I had similar thoughts :slight_smile:

Hi @MikeLupe & @Akhenaton,

(auto-)updating the Spreed.ME app kills both spreedme/config/config.php and spreedme/extra/static/config/OwnCloudConfig.js — there’s nothing we can do about this.
That’s why the app can now also be configured via the web interface (in the admin settings). This however only works if the spreedme/config/config.php does not exist on the file system.

Here’s the process:

  1. Check if spreedme/config/config.php exists. If it does, fetch settings from it
  2. If it does not exist, try to fetch the settings from the database
  3. If 2. fails, show “App not configured” message

The database settings will remain even if the app is updated.
Please see the updated installation guide:


My spreed-webrtc-server folder is placed in /var/www/nextcloud/webrtc

It should be put somewhere else, where it can not be accessed from the web. Otherwise anyone can read your server.conf.

Thanks for the hints @leon!

The strange thing was, after my first update attempt and first launch of the spreed app, nextcloud brought an almost blank page and mouned something about “the app is not installed, nextcloud must be configured” (something similar) - and then I copied the shown settings to config.php and obviously messed up :wink: