Problem Syncing to Calendar using CalDAV

Client is on Mac OS. They are able to sync with iCal…but when trying to sync with either Fantastical 2 or BusyCal, they are getting an error code 500.

Error: Request failed with status code 500.

When I check the admin log of our Nextcloud server…it lists an error entry that is literally a mile long…and identified as Fatal webdav

I won’t cut and paste the whole thing unless you think I should (there are some names I’d like to keep out of open forums)…It has a huge number of “?”'s and references a whole lot of owncloud-[wholebunch of numbers and leters].ics"

and it ends with…



— sorry for my english :slight_smile: —

Did you migrate from Onwcloud? I had that Problem too (MacOSX El Capitan). I migrated to Nextcloud 11.0.1 ( because not officially released.

In my case: /remote.php/caldav/principals//

Maybe that can work for you too.

We didn’t upgrade from Owncloud. NextCloud 10 was a fresh install. I have not yet upgraded to 11…will it make a difference?

I made that change and BINGO! It worked…Thanks so much for the help!