Problem streaming video

So I’m quite new to Linux and Nextcloud, so maybe this is a basic thing I should know. However, I’ve been unable to find a solution online so hoping for some help.

I have Version 12 running on Ubuntu 16.04. I have an MP4 file (roughly 200 MB) that I shared with someone via a link. When they click the link, what I assume is the player shows up, but the video seems to be constantly buffering (they’re using Windows 10, IE browser); I can reproduce this on my iPhone. But if I play the file while on my Linux box, it plays fine.

I don’t feel it’s the computer or my internet since I have PLEX installed as well and it plays videos just fine when connecting with all different types of devices. Is there something that I’m missing, or is streaming video just not a focus of Nextcloud?


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Have same same issues here. Usually some of videos start playing if starting at all but for less than minute and then just stuck buffering. Just very few videos playing nicely without buffering, but that’s again not on all devices and not all web browsers, same with NC mobile app.
Not sure if there is the way to get around this?

I use nextclou18.0.1, and click the video file by sharing link to download the file instead of playing it online. After the user logs in, he can click the video file and play it online. But in version 17, both ways can be played online. What’s the problem? Thank you!