Problem migrating from OC 8.2.9 to NC 9.0.x


Today I decided to migrate from my OC 8.9.2 to NC …

I read the documentation so I noticed that I have to migrate to NC 9.0.x first, so I downloaded the latest 9.0.x version , removed all of my previous data except config and data directories and then uploaded NC files in my host.

Then I visited my URL where OC was previously installed and clicked on update … everything went well till it got to the posit where it says : “Updated “provisioning_api” to 0.4.1”

Then it stuck and after a while it returned with “An error occurred.”

And after that I had to manually disable the maintenance mode (of course)… and now I only have Start Update and when I press it gives me this error : “dav: Failed to enable app dav”.

I would really appreciate if you help me to solve this issue …

Thank you very much.

You upgrade steps look good. Can you check your logfile (data/owncloud.log and/or data/nextcloud.log)? You can try to start the process again and add -vvv to the command to increase the amount of output.

Try to upgrage via command line:
access to your server via ssh and on your NC folder type: php occ upgrade


I noticed that I have the exact same issue with OC upgrade, when I try to upgrade from 8.2.9 to 9.0.7 (OC) this happens. Moredetails:


Same here with upgrading from ownCloud 8.2.10 to nextcloud 9.0.57. I filed to issues on github:


Hope to get help. Otherwise I stuck at ownCloud 8.2.10. :frowning:


Issue 4080 was solved and closed. Please have a look in the comments on GitHub.

Now I got stuck with the second issue and can not login after the successful update to nextcloud 9.0.57. :unamused: