Problem Mail Apps


I have install mail app on Nextcloud but if i try to add an account i receive this error " Unexpected error during account creation.

How can i enable log and where i found it to troubleshoot this error?



I enable Debug mode and if this is the error on the log

[mail] Errore: IMAP error synchronizing account 14: You do not have adequate permissions to carry out this operation.

GET /index.php/apps/mail/api/mailboxes?accountId=14
from ipaddress by admin at 2022-02-15T09:21:57+00:00

The problem is the Mail Apps of Nextcloud canโ€™t configure the account for permission denied of public share folder.

I put this command oh the mail server running on Nethserver:

doveadm acl set -A Public authenticated lookup read

And now it works