Problem loading the page in shares protected by password

When I create a share via link which is protected by password I get “Problem loading the page, reloading in 5 seconds” when accessing the folder via the link. The page seems to visually load OK though. It ends up in loop, reloading every 5 secs which makes it impossible to work with. If I switch to gallery view, the problem disappears. It’s only in file view. If I remove the password requirement, it works flawlessly, too.

I get these errors in log:
Error galleryplus Exception: Missing password (401)
Debug no app in context [TokenCheckException] Missing password
Debug no app in context [TokenCheckException] JSON response

Which is strange because the password is set and it gets me logged into the folder.

I’m running Nextcloud 9.0.52 on PHP7/Fedora.

Do you share a folder from file view or out of the gallery+ app? What apps are activated? Are any problems shown on your admin page?

I can’t reproduce this, I was able to share a link with password protection from file view and from gallery+.

I was experiencing the exact same issue here. Updating app Documents and Gallery+ seemed to solve the problem.