Problem loading page

I have been using Owncloud for a while and recently decided to move to Nextcloud by installing a fresh instance.

I am seeing constant “Problem loading page, reloading in 5 seconds” messages and then get logged out. I have tried everything I have seen on this forum, github etc such as the following:

Adding session save path to php.ini (and confirmed with phpinfo)
Changed login picture
Disabled all sharing apps
Disabled dav and all related modules

I’m still seeing the issue and I’m pulling my hair out for a solution. Any help is massively appreciated.

I have same problem…

Could you please check the log files and post the latest entries (right after reproducing that issue) here?

Have had the same problem. Admin-Account was working fine, but any other account got logged out after the ‘problem loading page’-appearance. Then I was confused, as loggin in via my mobile phone with the same user-account was working fine.
So maybe you try another browser or device?