"Problem loading page, reloading in 5 seconds" - Error

I just installed Nextcloud 18 using this guide:

When on the files page I get a message saying “Problem loading page, reloading in 5 seconds”

On other pages like “users” it says “An error occured during the request. Unable to proceed.”

Im pretty new when it comes to this stuff and I’m not sure what to do to fix this.
Any help would be appreciated!

Apache 2 Nextcloud Config:

Error Message in Settings:

Welcome @Janamations,
as a new user you might have not seen the fantastic search function of this forum, which you find in the upper right corner of the screen. It helps you finding answers on the most common questions/problems, e.g.



Thank you for the quick response! I have looked through all the posts that are relevant to my issue but couldn’t find a solid answer in them. I appreciate the help!

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Were you able to resolve this? Spinning up a dockered NextCloud on Raspberry Pi and I’m getting the same errors.