Problem loading config page - NextCloudPi

Hi. I was having trouble getting NextCloud to work installing it on a regular Raspbian install, so I grabbed the NextCloudPi package. (I’m on a Pi 4B.) Things have been going better. I’ve been following this guide.

I am at the point where I enabled the configuration GUI. I went to (https://myip/4443) and initially got the no secure server warning, but once I dismissed that I get “The connection has timed out, The server at (my IP) is taking too long to respond.” (I should add that going to http://nextcloudpi and http://nextcloudpi.local don’t work on my system.) I get the same error if I don’t put in the /4443. I’ve looked through the other threads here and I don’t see anything helpful - it seems a lot of people have this problem?

NextCloudPi installs on Raspbian Lite and I don’t know the folder address for my apache logs, if you need them, without the GUI (yes, shame on me for being dependent on a GUI) so I guess I’ll be googling that while I wait for your replies. Thank you.