Problem finding the Files

Hello, I am new to Nextcloud and installed Nextcloudpi on my Raspberry PI 4 today. I have the problem, that the Appstore is responding to slow, because of the poor server performance of nextcloud. Instead of showing a error message it just gives me a blank Site. The fix to this is to edit some code in some config file. Where can I find those files? I am only unsing the panel of NextcloudPi and there are many configurations that I can do there but I didn´t find the right one. How can I access those config files? Do I need to put the Micro-SD in my computer and use a special program or do i need to do something on the Raspberry?

usually you access shell over ssh you can then goto your installation location mostly /var/www/nextcloud then there’s a folder config with the file config.php where the Nextcloud settings are.

you can also search in the shell for folders or files with the find command.

find / -type f -name config.php

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I feeling like this is a very dumb question, but how can I connect this SSH thing? Can you send me a YouTube Video or something? Im just really new with doing this stuff.

I don’t own a RPI so I’m not that familiar with it I thought is was enabled by default but looking at these videos it seems you need to create a file on the SDcard.

Check these out and come back with any questions
first find
2nd one with 4 ways to enable SSH

I don’t use Windows any more but a good program that I used back in the days when I did is called putty.exe ( ) it’s a single file that gives you many options including SSH’ing. If you use mac or Linux you can install SSH with the software manager.

I got the ssh working with a few other Videos but if i run the command “find / -type f -name config.php” or “/var/www/nextcloud/config.php” it says “Permission denied”. And that Problem is with any file i try to access.