Problem downloading Photos since App Update on iOS

Hello, I have a problem with downloading images using the nextcloud app since updating the app on my iOS Device. App version is on IOS 13.3, but it also occurred in the previous version.

When downloading several Images at once I went to the folder, chose “select”, selected my images and chose “Save images and videos to photo album” - worked like a dream!

Since the update I get an error messsage “Access to photos not enabled - please go to settings and turn in Photo access”. When going to iPhone settings -> “Privacy”-> “Photos” Nextcloud app gives two options to choose from, either „Never“ or „Add Photos only“

Before the update, I could set it to „Read and write“.

On another device (iPad) I am using Nextcloud app version and it works just fine!

Is this a bug or can I do anything about it? Thank you in advance!


I was able to allow access to all photos by going to “More” -> “Settings” -> “Auto upload”.
You don’t have to enable auto-upload for the request to appear.

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