Problem Connecting to NextCloud or the system

while finishing installing nextcloud with this “ubuntu-core-16-armhf-rpi3-installer-20170329.img” image from the nextcloud download server I came across this section of the documentation:

After system boots up completely, the default hostname is set to
“nextcloud”, and a MDNS service is also up, so if you would like to
connect to Nextcloud in a local network:
Open a browser and use this URL: ​http://nextcloud.local​.After a nextcloud user account is created, you can use
‘nextcloud.local’ to connect to nextcloud from owncloud client and
After the OOBE is done completely, you can use SSH to log into the system:
$ ​ssh {default user}@nextcloud.localPassword: Ubuntu Core 16 uses SSH key of the default user to log in,
so the private SSH key needs to be placed in the ~/.ssh folder.

What is meant by “you can use SSH to log into the system”, and what tools are neded to do so?

How do i gain access to the “~/.ssh folder” in the first place to be able to place my private key in it?

Equally important and obscure:

  1. Add your external domain to Nextcloud

How do i do it without access to the system?

At the moment my system is wide open (and equally inconvenient: cannot be accessed from the outside) because i cannot add a “trusted domain”

Please clarify

Thank you

How to use SSH.
Im not sure if this is an option for you. As you stated in another post that you were not able to create a user.

The question I can not answer is: Does there exist no user or is a standard user used when the process to create a user fails?

If there would be a standard user, you could connect via ssh (using the domain-name or the new ip-address) by entering the corresponding password.
As I do not use the nextcloud-snap, I can not advice you more at this point.

it seems our correspondance is somewhat criscrossing.
My main problem is indeed[quote=“Hollerauer, post:2, topic:15033”]
connect via ssh

How do i do this??? What tools are needed Can I do it from my Windows 10 platform? Via Putty?
I have no idea! And did not find any hint on that.
Thank you

I already posted a link to a how to tutorial:

I don’t know wether it works - but it is a start.
I will work on this and come back