Problem after installation. The page isn't redirecting properly

Hi everyone.
I’m trying to install nextcloud plugin on freenas. I’m not an linux-expert but I know quite well how to use the terminal. I saw a lot of tutorials on YouTube and it appear to be a very simple task to do. I followed more then one time the procedure to install the plugin but after the first login in the admin page of nextcloud firefox gives the error “the page isn’t redirecting properly”. I’ll explain better what I done: first I created a pool (with just 1 Hdd to make a test), then I went to plugin install page and selected nextcloud plugin. I choose to use dhcp instead of nat (but I tried nat too with the same error). After installation I went to nextcloud jail and I opened the console. Here I just modified config.php to allow my ip address on nextcloud. Finally I went to login page and I successfully login: here I obtain the page isn’t redirecting properly.
Please help me…this is driving me mad!

If you searched the forum in advance you have seen that a FreeNAS related thread already exists in which redirection problems are addressed. Based on the discussion I have the impression that it is indeed FreeNAS related and need to be fixed in their enviornment/package :wink:

Thanks a lot! I can assure you that I tryed to search but I haven’t found nothing. By the way, evidently I have not searched well enough. Thank again for your answer…so I’ll wait that the problem will be solved.