Privacy -- is my information harvested?

What is the privacy like for the app? If I install it, will any of my information be harvested?

I have read, but was not able to figure out an answer from that text.

Honestly, I’d be more concerned about your Android device harvesting your data over the Nextcloud app. The privacy policy doesn’t have anything to do with the app but with what you do on the Nextcloud website. I don’t use the Android app, but I do use the iOS app and I feel safe with it, granted the codebase is different. If you really want to be sure, the Android Nextcloud app source code can be found here

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Is there no information available about the app privacy except the source code?

Not looking for legal terms & conditions - some basic info would be sufficient and very helpful.

I am one of the main devs of android app.
The app is only communicating from the app/device to your server and back.
There is nothing else.

As your question is rather general, I am happy to answer you any specific questions.


That is all I needed to hear, thank you!

Some reasons I was wary:

  • Most Android apps harvest information when they have permissions
  • Everyone claims to “take your privacy seriously”, corporations are involved in open source, and it is generally not always obvious (to me anyway) who are the good guys any more

That is why I think it would be useful to add the lines

to a faq, documentation, and/or to (which already mentions the app, but only very briefly). Or elsewhere easily found.

Thank you for your reply above and for contributing to open source software!

We will update /privacy and also put a link/ more infos in our app.

Thank you very much for your idea!

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Updated - let me know if it addresses your concerns, friends!


Thank you very much, looks great to me! I appreciate the extra details, especially I about the encrypted push notifications.

There I also learned that there is a difference in functionality between the Google Play Store and e.g. F-Droid version of the app, which would not have occurred to me otherwise - that only the Google Play Store version has the push notifications, if I understand correctly. Glad to find out about that. Presumably this is not mentioned in the online docs, since they are for version 1.0.0. Also the automatic upgrades through Google Play Store are useful and something I didn’t think about before reading the updated /privacy just now.

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