Privacy and Security

Hey there,

I was wondering how NextCloud is more “private” or “secure”? For example, when I went to register through here:, it gave options to choose a “service provider” whereas I thought that NextCloud allows you to either: self-host, or choose from their own providers, or choose NextCloud as the service provider.

But since I went with the feature where NextCloud allowed me to choose a service provider, how can “privacy or security” be a little better off guaranteed since the provider isn’t NextCloud?

Thank you!
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The idea is you host it yourself on your own hardware.

However, with your question you are ignoring the other options, which are used much more. Self Hosting on your own hardware and network or renting an own dedicated Linux server somewhere.

You have the choice, covering your case.

Nextcloud doesn’t do that. You can only get support for your self-hosted solution.

There is nothing guaranteed! If you carefully choose your preferred provider, compared to the most known serviced, you can have a local service that complies with your local legislation, where you have a contact person and you perhaps separate a bit your data. You don’t trust everything to one big company, that manages your files, mail, contacts, …, you pay nothing and you don’t really know what they do with your data. Self-hosting is much better, as a company you can/should consider a subscription for support.