Previews - Expiring valid previews

Nextcloude 20.0.2 on
Debian 10 - Apache - MariaDB - Cronjob for cron.php

I use Nextcloud with me as only user. So the Dataset is quite static. Still, I noticed that appdata_xxxx/preview/[0-9a-f]/* changes few times a day.

It seems that some valid previews keep getting deleted. They are created again on the fly when I access the Web GUI just to get deleted some hours later.

In my case appdata_xxxx/preview/4 directory is then missing, i.e. there is [0-35-9a-f] instead of [0-9a-f].

Is there any way to fix this?

I already tried a new start after deleting all data but this didn’t fix this problem.

Thank you.

Are you looking for a fix or are you interested in contributing a fix?