Previews distorted in Microsoft Edge browser (NC16, NC17)

Using Edge browser and clicking on picture while being in File app picture is opened distorted (stretched to 100 % both vertically and horizontally).
Previews from Gallery app mode are correct.

Are you using the Edge (full microsoft) or the new Edge (chrome clone) ?

Microsoft Edge, version 44.18362.387.0

Standard browser on Win10.

Okay so you’re on a dying webbroswer.

Microsoft Edge will be under Chrome web engine. You can download the new version on internet but sooner or later with the last update of Windows 10 you will have Chrome as a WebBroswer (named Edge).

I hope someone will find a trick to this bug on github, but you have to be aware that Edge will change soon.

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Actually I don’t use Edge. It is user’s complaint :slight_smile: I just checked it.

Very nice if problem will resolve automatically.:slight_smile: