Preview shared picture

How to preview the link share picture directly? Don’t download the picture

Can you please be a little bit more precise and explain what you exactly want to do and what the used software versions are.

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Link shared with other persons:
Preview add /preview

User can delete /preview and so see the normal shared picture.

The presentation of a picture in the browser is also a “download”.
But there is no download-dialog.
User can right click and download the file. Name is in my test “2592-1456-max.jpg”.

You can also use the picture preview in the shared link. Copy link location.


(file and scalingup not really used)

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I’m pretty sure this is related to the missing “slideshow/preview” in the new Photos app…

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Is it a problem in 18 or only in 18.0.3 ? I use 18.0.2 because of update problems and in shared links i can see the picture and can copy links like obove.

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NC18 in general. Try sharing a folder with pictures and then try to open one of the pictures from the shared link. In NC17 you get a preview, in NC18 a download is started.

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I can change from file list to grid/raster/???. In files i can see smal pictures and in grid/raster/??? the pictures are a little bit bigger. Version 18.0.2.

Sorry. Yes it is a download and not a previw. i think it is a bug.

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Thank you so much

I didn’t understand it, but I have added a preview to config.php.

Yes, I think the system does not add support components

Share the linked picture, you can see the preview small picture can only be downloaded, you cannot zoom in the preview