Preview of Videos and Photos when Sharing folders?


Maybe I’m missing something but, when I’m logged in and browsing a folder with images, I can zoom on them. And I can play videos from that folder.

Now I share that folder (example : )
And I can only download images and videos, without being able to stream the video neither zoom in a photo.

How can I configure my share/server in order to let public accessing to shared folders to browse multimedia files without having to download them ?

Thanks for the information

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Can please someone say if it’s a normal behaviour (enhancement request to do) or a bug ?

Yes, unfortunately it’s normal behavior for Photos app. As NC18 discard old Gallery viewer, this is the new normal :frowning:

Actually it’s unbelievable that this feature is simply broken now. It was so convenient to share photos via link.

This feature is added to next milestone -
But it is hard to say when it appears because it was asked several times before -

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this now makes nextcloud useless to me, as i cannot any longer share images to my customers.

Is there any ways to downgrade to nextcloud 17 from the backup ?

It’s indeed an incredible regression! I searched the net to see if I missed the option or if it was bugged. Quite disappointed and hope it will come back very soon…

This issue should be pushed. Has is been added to github issues?

I have this issue. The images starts to download, not preview. NC 18, php 7.2

As much as I want to upgrade to 18, I think I’m going to hold at 17 until they fix this. Has anyone found any rationale for why a new app with limited features was substituted?

I think you can find the rationale here:

Just double check the deadline, in the meantime the situation could change

I really need this feature too, otherwise I have to change the whole cloud concept and move to another contributor :confused:
Hope to fix this asap.
All the best!

I was also using nextcloud to share pictures with family and friends, now it’s terribly inconvenient. I don’t blame the developers of course :slight_smile: Software remains awesome kudos to you guys for the great work, I can understand the reasons that lead to this decisions but I really hope this feature will come back soon :slight_smile:

Everything is now working well thanks to last update Nextcloud 18.0.4 which include the fix.

edit : for problem of “Photos not loading on public links” in this topic Just mark “Allow users on this server to send shares to other servers” in settings.

I have Nextclould 18.0.4 but I still can’t view the pictures or play the video without downloading them first.

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Well it does work with Nextcloud 19 wooohoo. Thank you guys, nice work.

Hi Devs,

this is not working with 18.0.6.

You might want to look into it why it continues to break.


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Hi @Skip ,

you might want to reconsider this as solution.


Or you might to consider the problem comes from your Nextcloud because previews of videos and photos when sharing folders works well my on all my Nextcloud instances with 18.0.6.

Hi @yostral ,

maybe. I just notice that when I link share a folder with images if someone clicks on one Image it is just loading forever.

If shared normal the picture is loading all right.

Since it does only not work when link shared I reopend this instead of making a new one.
Thanks for rechecking.

As I was writing it i could interpret it as not a preview picture probably I should make a new one.
Could you check if this is working in your instances too?

I checked again and everything works, within a shared folder or a direct link to a photo or a video.

Have you checked in your settings -> Share parameters ?


I do not know about settings in sharing handling this behaviour.
I checked on my other nextcloud instance there it is the same:

It just does not load: