Preview of Videos and Photos when Sharing folders?


Maybe I’m missing something but, when I’m logged in and browsing a folder with images, I can zoom on them. And I can play videos from that folder.

Now I share that folder (example : )
And I can only download images and videos, without being able to stream the video neither zoom in a photo.

How can I configure my share/server in order to let public accessing to shared folders to browse multimedia files without having to download them ?

Thanks for the information

Can please someone say if it’s a normal behaviour (enhancement request to do) or a bug ?

Yes, unfortunately it’s normal behavior for Photos app. As NC18 discard old Gallery viewer, this is the new normal :frowning:

Actually it’s unbelievable that this feature is simply broken now. It was so convenient to share photos via link.

This feature is added to next milestone -
But it is hard to say when it appears because it was asked several times before -

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this now makes nextcloud useless to me, as i cannot any longer share images to my customers.

Is there any ways to downgrade to nextcloud 17 from the backup ?