Prevent Users From Deleting Folders

Hi Everybody,

is there a way to prevent users form deleting folders while allowing them to create, change and delete the files in those folders?

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if you create a shared folder, the other user who sees that folder can add subfolders and files under the main folder. They can also delete everything under it. Now if they try to delete the main Folder, it disappears from them, however, since you are the owner, that main folder is still available to you but not shared anymore. So if they delete everything what is inside the that folder, they are also gone. All deleted files should be in the trashbin though if setup.

I hope this helps

Thanks for your response. That is exactly the situation I have. But isn’t it possible to give the users a fixes structure in which the can add, change and delete without giving them the right to change the structure itself?

So if I do understand what you are really trying to do, then you must edit each sub folder and and edit the permission on each other. You should be able to edit each sub folder to adjust what the other user can do.

I hope this helps