Prevent uploads without end to end encryption

As an admin, if I had the option to prevent uploads without end to end encryption, it would help. Should I request such features at the desktop, the server or both? Currently I have it here and at the link below:

There must be an option on the desktop client. Server-side, I’m not sure if it would be directly in the server or if it could be managed by an app (like fileaccess control). Such a restriction would certainly break the direct webdav access.

I wouldn’t take too much of an effort to push this idea now, the end-to-end encryption just made it to all the clients and there are still a number of problems. I wouldn’t consider to enforce this option unless it is working reliably.

In the report you asked about a workaround. You probably could write an app to know if a user has unencrypted files and push something to the notifications, or tag the files and use the workflow stuff to handle these files.

It’s a pitty that end to end encryption doesn’t work after a year…

Actually I want to prevent a user from sharing a file with all.

What do you mean by “workflow stuff”?

I added now the file access control app. Does a rule like “user group x can access only file system tag x” make sense?

You can tag files and prevent them from being shared.

Indeed. As a community user, you have to wait, you can only help a bit with testing and giving feedback (if you can’t code).