Prevent unsharing files and folders

It has been requested multiple times but there never was a decent answer.

How about adding the option while sharing to add a checkbox ([ ] can unshare) to prevent unsharing from this particular file/folder. I use way to much time to add users again to shared folders cause they accidently unshared…

If you need this functionality, you can either use the groupfolders app or the external storage app which already provide this feature.

Thanks for your answer but thats exactly what I meant with unsatisfying answers. I know that there a workarounds but why isn’t it implemented in nc to start with?

Maybe because someone has decided to develop a base systems which can be extended using addon modules and the groupfolders app is exatly that :wink:

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Well that is a great idea but the lack of forced sharing of individual files like important readme’s or else is quite a bummer and that is - as you can see - a main concern I raised in the initial request.
I have not yet seen a workaround that can satisfy both but I am happy to learn new ways :slight_smile:

As usual, you get what your paying for. Feel free and create a feature request or bring in your expertise and create a push request which implements that function if it is so important for you. :wink:

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Isnt this the appropriate forum for requests?

This is the Nextcloud help forum where most of the questions can be answered or solved, but feature requests or pull requests need to be created in the Nextcloud server GitHub repository. Nevertheless there is still no guarantee that the function will be implemented soon because the developers are classifying the importance of a feature on their own.

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Adding to @j-ed’s answer:
Regarding this feature request, I’ve found this statement: Share Permissions - Can Change allows user to Unshare the folder??? · Issue #11612 · nextcloud/server · GitHub

If you want to open a feature request, nonetheless, you can open a new issue for this in the server repository after making sure that such a feature request doesn’t already exist. GitHub - nextcloud/server: ☁️ Nextcloud server, a safe home for all your data
Afterwards, please post the link of the issue here that covers this enhancement.

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alright, thanks for the answer @j-ed

@szaimen I have seen that statement before, but I am sure that to every rule there has to be exeptions.

Featurerequest: Prevent unsharing files and folders · Issue #26589 · nextcloud/server · GitHub

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Hm… Maybe you can use this app instead for important notes and such?