Prevent transfer ownership for users

Hello all,

We do not want our users being able to share content with anyone excepted using the shares created by a specific which needs to keep the ability.
I made the choice to create a group and put all the users in it (SHARINGDISABLE) and exclude this group to be able to create shares.
Users cannot any more create new shares but can still transfer ownership of folder or files they have created.

Can you, please, tell me how to prevent this?

Thanks in advance,

There is an issue with a link to this issue. Yes you are right. It must be also deactivated for users who are not allowed to share files.

Hopefully you disallow email and also internet for sharing content e.g. . In your configuration, the user must never be able to store the data locally on a computer where email or internet is possible. If it does, none of this makes any sense.

Thanks devnull for your reply and information.

One of your issue is closed and the other one is still to be reviewed.
The one to be reviewed seems to do what I would like to have.
I am not a developer and do not know if it is normal to be in review quite a year.
I hope so or does it mean it will not be fixed?
I have subscribed to it to get notifications.

Thanks again

Well. It’s a community. Either someone wants to change it or not.