Prevent nextcloud to sync all data for large files and large teams

Hi everyone,

i thinking of deploying Nextcloud for a client with more than 30 users and almost 500 GB of data on their actual old Windows server. i’m actualy testing TrueNAS, that i never used, btw i’m used to install Nextcloud for small company, with less than 10 users.

I was thinking of the sync frequency. When a user have to sync after modifying or writing a new document, all the group sync the file, that’s ok, the group is small, but for the large team with 30 people inside, the same behavior would litteraly eat all the bandwith and every client will sync all the way.

How to prevent this ?
Ok i can divid the team in smaller groups, but the managers, and all the staff will have access to all data, so the question will come again.
i’ve tested Seafile few years ago with the Virtual drive, that was the solution but not conviced with the sync client, and Nextcloud Hub offers more that just file sharing…

I’m thinking of hybride solution → allow users to use nextcloud mobile client and access data on their Desktop with SMB/ WebDAV ? (WebDAV seems just too slow…)

the mobile client behavior is very fine, all the data are not sync, it looks like it works almost like a virtual drive btw

thx for you help


The Sync Client allows you to choose on a folder basis what data should be synced and there is a option to exclude files larger than 500MB from the automatic sync. Also groupfolders, which will most likely be used for shared data between larger teams, will not be synced by default.

As an alternative you can enable the VirtaulDrive feature, then all data will be displayed on the client, but the actual files will only be downloaded on demand.

It shouldn’t eat all the bandwith because it will only sync a file after it changed. It does not sync everything all over again. I would guess WebDAV causes way more traffic because it has to download the files every time someone accesses them, even when they don’t do any changes to it.

Which is an option in the Desktop client too.

Yes. There is also a virtual file option in nextcloud. You must not sync folders with large files to your clients. You only download the files from the cloud when they are needed.