Prevent copying/moving of files?

Hello all,

I am new to NC and try to set up a file storage for some users, who are only allowed to view/download files in several folders.

How can I prevent them from moving/coping files and folders between the folders, they have access to? Right now, this option exists under “Actions”. Allowing it could create chaos in the file structure.

Greets, Frank

It sounds like something you could accomplish with Group Folders. First, logged in as an administrator you’ll need to set up your user groups that you want to share the folder with in the Users area.

Then go to settings and then Group Folders, and add a new folder (make sure the name is unique so it doesn’t “hide” another folder with the same name).
Finally add the group who should have read only access to the folder and uncheck the permissions for write and delete (and optionally sharing). Also add the administrator group so that you can add files/folders and rearrange things.
Everyone in the read only group will have access to the data but cannot make changes.

… thanks a lot - I’ll try. :wink: