Prevent client from creating system folders and overlay icons?

Hi all,

This has annoyed me a long time and wanted to get to the bottom of it.

Is there any way to STOP the Windows desktop client from:

  1. creating overlay icons - I don’t need them
  2. making the sync folders into system folders, for no reason at all?

Of course you can do this after the fact (deleting desktop.ini and removing the system attribute of the sync folders, with no loss of functionality whatsoever), but it would be great to have the option in the first place.

Hi @nonhocapito

It creates the sync folder in the user directory by default, but you can change the location during setup. If that isn’t what you meant please elaborate on this…

Download the client installation file again, choose to modify installation, then remove the first item: windows explorer integration.

As a consequence, you will lose the context menu using the right click as well.

As for n.2, I can’t help you, maybe someone can.

The desktop client changes the folders you sync, adding the -system attribute to them. There is no reason whatsoever to do this. The folder icon can be changed regardless of the -system attribute.

thank you, this solves n.2 as well