Preserving share links for external / local mounted storage

Nextcloud version 11.0.2, although same behaviour in earlier versions as well.

The problem we are experiencing is that the share links that users create to content are not preserved when external (or local) storage is effectively unmounted and remounted. Our users are seeking permanent share links to their content that need to survive server restarts, failover, etc of both the Nextcloud service as well any connected external storage service (e.g. via NFS)

This is easy enough to simulate by:

  1. Define an external storage connection
  2. Create a share link to a file or folder within that external storage
  3. Delete the external storage connection
  4. Re-create the external storage connection, with exact same values as in #1 above
  5. Try to access using the share link created in #2 above

Step 5 generates a “File not found” error message.

Is there some way to ensure permanency of the share links that users create?

Deleting the external storage (as in step 3) will delete also all the shared links created for that external storage. This will not be a best practise of doing so. I have multiple external storages which are owned by the Admin and shared with all the relevant groups and/or users. After a system restart those external storages are restored (since they never were removed from the configuration) and normal available for the users.

If a user creates their own external storage, they should not delete the storage itself if they want to maintain the shared link(s).

Thanks @StephanW for your response. I will confirm with our system admin.