Preselect "Hide Download" for external shares

Hi everyone!
I installed nextcloud on our shared server and updated today to the actual version.
Nextcloud: 19.0.2.
PHP: 7.3

I would like to have the option “Hide Download” activated automatically for every new external share. I didn’t find anything in the documentation, google or this forum.

Does anyone know a way to archive this?

Thanks a lot!

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to “update” this topic.
Does anyone have an idea how i could realize this?

Thanks a lot!

I think you must modify the source code.

Perhaps someone could post the position in the code for activating the public share.
Search for positions:

Perhaps “private function createShare($data) {”
(line 1007 -> line 1056)

Before sharing you must set it to “true”. Perhaps you can check for external shares and modify to “true” only for external shares.


relevant code in Share.php for shares:

    public function setHideDownload(bool $hide): IShare {
		$this->hideDownload = $hide;
		return $this;

	public function getHideDownload(): bool {
		return $this->hideDownload;
(at the end of the code)

Hey devnull!
Thank you very much for your answer!

Because of your post i came to the idea to change it in the database.
The table “*_share” has the column “hide_download” with a default of “0”.
I just changed the default to “1” and it works like a charm.

I don’t know how it will be affected after updates but i will check this.

Does ist really work with new shares?

It does!
It is the default value in the table structure.
So, if there is a new entry it is not filled from the source code, it is filled from this default value.

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I have a new information about that.
The change in the database was good for links i created to share files and folders but when i tried to share via an e-mail address it didn´t work.
To solve this problem i changed line 101 in lib/private/Share20/Share.php
private $hideDownload = true;
That doesn´t solve the problem for both cases but with the database change it works perfectly for now.