Preferred LAMP Distro

I’ve been reading the recent shenanigans with Redhat RHEL recently. My client runs Nextcloud on CentOS 7.9.2009, Nginx 1.20.1, MariaDB 10.6.13 and PHP 8.1.19. Not too bad version wise except of course CentOS 7 is EOL next year.

So what’s the recommendations for a modern LAMP stack? Which stack would you use if implementing a new Nextcloud install today?

Debian 12! :slight_smile:

It’s already shipping PHP 8.2 and MariaDB 10.11 (which is an LTS release, btw).

If you want to use newer PHP releases, when they get released, and before Debian 13 is going to be released, you can use the repos. Ondrej Sury is also the maintainer of PHP in the Debian project, so this would be a similar thing like enabling the REMI / EPEL repos on RHEL / CentOS.


Thanks for that. I’m not “Mr Linux” - I’ve worked in IT support and software development so many years so I’m quite happy with command lines etc. I’d say I’m “proficient” so not a beginner but certainly not a professional (unlike Windows).

I was trying to get later versions of PHP, MariaDB and Python installed for other projects on CentOS 7 and nearly lost my sanity :wink:

I’ll give Debian a go… can’t be any harder! I’ll also take the opportunity to get my head around Docker. Before I wanted to understand exactly how it was working so I stayed away from black boxes.