Prefered way to customize core and apps styles

I see two approaches to customize nextcloud. What is prefered way. What pros and cons?

First to put your styles to a theme folder I don’t see this section in latest docs (NC18). Does it deprecated?

And second create an app similar to it

@juliushaertl @skjnldsv opinions?

Css4 variables

Edit: If the question was about a standard way to do it, I think Jan wanted to allow the creation of themes in the appstore in the long term.
We could allow customisation of said css4 variables via a php API. This should be enough to generate a fresh style of variables the same way we’re doing it for the dark theme.

The more legacy CSS we drop, the best looking nextcloud will be with those css4 vars :slight_smile:

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This will also allow us to have a theme interface with proper description of the variables, and would be easier to manage compatibilities with new/old nextcloud versions