Pre Install Sendent in Nextcloud Docker Container

Hi Everyone, I am looking for a way to install Sendent automatically during installation of Nextcloud. I wonder if it’d be feasible to do it? by configuration? Thanks.

just put this into your installation skript:

docker exec --user www-data nextcloud php occ app:install sendent


i have a list of apps to be install during my playbook run.

so i’m sure it works.

Hi Reiner,

Thank you for the reply.
I have tried “occ app:install sendent”. It does install the app without manually install it on GUI.
However, that command is only available after Nextcloud has done its installation. And as far as I understand, after running Nextcloud container via docker run, we still have to go to the page and install the application by our own. I couldn’t know the exact time when “php occ app:install sendent” will be available. Or there is a way?

after docker exec --user www-data nextcloud php occ maintenance:install if you want to do it on the command line.

what do you mean with this? do you also need to configure some settings in nextcloud?