Powerpoint Fullscreen Presentation (PPT/PPTX) not working

I’m using Collabora on my nextcound instance and noticed that starting a powerpoint slideshow via sidebar menu button (aka fullscreen presentation) doesn’t work. All I get is a small preview thumbnail but no actual slideshow at all. Team editing works fine, it’s just the presentation that doesn’t work.

Is this due to my my limited resources (1 GB Ram) or is this a general bug atm?

I also wonder about that. Fullscreen Powerpoint presentations do not work here neither. In my case I just get an endless loading… no error messages in the log.

I’m having this issue as well. Just spinning loading circle when I try presentation mode. Nextcloud 18.0.4, PHP 7.4.5, Collabora Office 6.2, loolwsd 4.2.3, Collabora Online 3.6.0.

Tried with both Chromium and Firefox, same issue with both.

Thank you