Post installation redirect missing the domain part

Hi. This is my second time installing nextcloud. I was using this guide to install How to Install Nextcloud on Ubuntu 20.04. Also referred to the Nextcloud documentation and used the latest version (21.0.1).

The first time I had installed, it had gone smoothly. But I had to migrate my VPS and had to install it again. But this time I’m unable to install it. After I put the username and Db credentials in the installation page, it redirects to this url: http://index.php/apps/files/ which is missing the domain name. If I manually add the domain name later, it takes me to the login page where it just gets stuck, gives no error nor does it get logged in.

I am using Apache virtual server config behind an nginx proxy. Apache and Nginx are working fine, as indicated by test phpinfo pages.

The database is created and at the end of the process, also has the tables created by nextcloud, so Db access doesn’t seem to the be the problem.

I checked the Nextcloud error log, but the file was blank. Couldn’t find anything in Apache error log either. Please let me know what could be the issue and where I should look to figure it out. I have tried the installation 5-6 times now and even reset the entire VPS to its initial state once.

@gkrou maybe some PHP modules are missing because between nextcloud 18 and 21 there is some requirement of PHP modules.
I made a little tuto : Making a nextcloud server on old laptop with personal domain - #5 by Mageunic