Possible to make an auto-delete folder?

hi guys, im currently making a nextcloud server for my company and it works really well.

But we want to create a temp folder, where all files will be deleted after 24h.
First, i was thinking of a cron with occ but there is not occ command to delete files.

can someone help me ? thx :smiley:

And use retention: https://apps.nextcloud.com/apps/files_retention

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User 4553, does retention work for you? It seems I cannot get it to work, especially replicating deletions from server to client and from client to server. I have NC 11, but if this would work on 16 I would be willing to pass.
Greetings, hubert

nope, i waited 2 days and the file isnt erased, i dont know why

First of all please check if all uploaded files have correct TAG. If not check your tagging rules and if it does not work - open a ticket here:

Then check you automation rules and if it still does not work, open a ticket here: