Possible to install other programm to domain.example.com/other_program?

i have an nextcloud 20 installation with nginx and mariadb here at home in LAN.
via dyndns it is reacheable at nextcloud.domain.com.

Now i’d like to install piwigo into the subfolder nextcloud.domain.com/piwigo.
But i don’t know how to setup this. Has anybody done this before?

First I tried it with piwigo.domain.com, but i found no solution to have 2 subdomains handled by dyndns nor my Router.

Could anyone give me some hints?
Is this solvable by an custom tailored nginx.conf?
Or may tell nextcloud to use a certain directory for 3rd party Programs?

thanks for any pushes in the right direction.

You can use a subdomain and use a CNAME entry that points to nextcloud.domain.com. You don’t have to change anything in your router. I’m not sure about the functionality of your dyndns-provider, but that would be by far the easiest solution and much cleaner.

For the subfolder, it’s more tricky.

I don’t know for shure wether i do understand this right.
I now have an instance of nextcloud up and running under
This machine is in my local lan with 192.168.xxx.xxx and as dyndns works it is accessible via 92.x.x.x and nexcloud.domain.com
works fine.

so for another subdomain on the same server, like piwigo.domain.com i have do fiddle around with the cname settings in dyndns?

thanks for clarifying this… :wink: i’m somewhat new to this terrain :slight_smile:

yes exactly. Then you only need to set up an additional vhost in your webserver.

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