Possible to hide nextcloud's warning

Hello Y’all
It is possible to hide nextcloud warning like these

As far as I know there is no official way of disabling the warnings. One could utilize the Custom CSS app for sure, but i would recommend to fix the warning instead of ignoring them as far as possible.

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The warnings make sense. But of course you can just ignore them. But I don’t think it makes sense to make them disappear.


Okay Thanks
I wanted to hide them because these we don’t use most of the function that nextcloud shows.
I’m going to try to reseolve them then.

Do you or someone knows how to resolve these warnings ?

just click on the provided link right at the errormessage and you should be provided with THE solution on how to get rid of those messages.

or you might wanna search the forum on all of the messages as there are several threads about every single one.

btw: only admin-accounts are able to see these messages. they won’t appear for nomal users. So it’s up to you to define who is able to “see” those messages


Thanks a lot :slight_smile: