Possible to disable personal calendar and contacts

Hi there, is it possible to disable the creation of personal calendar and contacts?

I’m not sure I quite understand. Do you want to keep the calendar app and contacts app but for them to be empty? As far as I know, there is no personal address book created until you actually start creating contacts. I think the same goes with the calendar.

But if you are talking about removing them completely, you can just disable the apps “contacts” and “calendar” in the enabled apps section… (if you are an administrator.) If you are not an administrator it will be harder. You could ask your administrator to add the app “app order” I think it’s called. From the app order setting you can uncheck the apps you don’t want to see in your navigation bar, it’s not the same as removing them but at least they’re invisible.

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hi, no i want do disable the personal calendar for all users. i create a calendar as admin for all users, and this calendar should the only calendar what all users be able to see.

Ah, I see, yes that’s something entirely different. I’m afraid there is no option for this but it might be possible with some code editing but I won’t be able to help with that. Maybe raise an issue on github and see if someone might be of help there.

ok thank you for your reply

related? Disable creation of "default" calendar possible?

I am looking for the exact same question/answer: " Disable creation of “default” calendar?
But this other thread is four years old.
How about now with NextCloud 19/20?
Thank you people.

another six months later the question is still not answered, is there really no way to disable the default calendar?

Maybe this helps? OCC commands to delete calendars by mattian · Pull Request #26421 · nextcloud/server · GitHub

That would work, except I do not have commandline access on my installation.