Possible migration paths for automatical migration?

So which are really the possible migration paths for automatical migration from owncloud to nextcloud?

Currently I am on 9.1.8 but the migration script states that it cannot determine the migration path from there. I could migrate to owncloud 10.0.10 first, but will then the migration script be able to determine the migration path???

ownCloud 9.1.x -> Nextcloud 10.0.x -> Nextcloud 11.0.x

(for the x: always chose the latest version available: https://nextcloud.com/changelog/)

and since NC 11 run out of support already, you should upgrade further to NC 12, and then to NC 13.

the automatic migration tools seems to have an issue:

ownCloud 9.1.x -> Nextcloud 10.0.x -> Nextcloud 11.0.x

Not at all. The “x” is not true. As I read in the forum it is more s.th. like
ownCloud 9.1.5 -> Nextcloud 10.0.6
ownCloud 9.1.6 -> Nextcloud 10.0.8
Not much more…

And, 9.1.8 is the lastest version available.
IMHO the latest official major releases of owncloud should be supported for automatical migration, otherwise the mechanism would be quite useless. You can see them here: https://download.owncloud.org/download/repositories/
It is 9.1.8 for the release 9.1 and 10.0.10 for the release 10.0, which also is the stable and productive release.

As I said, there seems to be an issue with the automatic migrator. The manual migration should work or do you see a problem there as well?

Ok, done by a trick. I faked now to version instead of and the automatical update worked flawlessly…