Possible for NextCloud to send email WITHOUT setting up a user account email?

EDIT: I found the Answer and am retyping the question with the answer

In order to get NextCloud to email users for things like “password reset” and “Resend Welcome Email” do the following

Go to

Settings > Personal Info > add your email address

Then go to

Settings > Basic Settings > Email Server

Send Mode: SMTP

Encryption: SSL/TLS

From Address: youremail@gmail.com

Authentication method: Login

Authentication Required: add Checkmark

Server Address: smtp.gmail.com:465

Credentials: yourentireemail@gmail.com Your password

Click Save

Click Send Email

Thank you to everyone that responded

The user e-mail the error refers to is the mail address of your admin user. In order to send a test mail, that mail needs a recipient, which is taken from the admin user mail field in the profile.

I’m not sure what you mean by “NOT interested in using email with NextCloud”. The error does not refer to setting up the Mail app and all that, but just to provide the contact e-mail the “Welcome mail” should be sent to.


Have you entered an email address in your personal account settings?

As long as you’ve enabled an app access to access your email account, it should be fine. You should find further information about how to do it, by using the search function of this forum.