Possibility to make shares of a specific user invisible

Is there a chance to make a user’s shares with other users sort of invisible?
In our installation some, accounts have been deleted after a person left our organization and all data were lost (as it should be). But the files were in fact missed and picking them from a file backup doesn’t contain the shares, comments and versions.
It would be nice if one cold build a manual workflow and make the shares sort of invisible let’s say one week before finally deleting them in order to get support requests for the missing files while they still are there. So I tried to disable a user - did’t work, even shares from a disabled user are visible.

Is there a config parameter I could set with occ user:setting to do this ?

Not quite what you asked for, but you could transfer ownership of the files before deleting the account. You can then disable the shares for however long you wish before deleting them.

Docs on how to do that from command line with OCC.

Thank you, but that would transfer all shares, too.

I’d like to force users to check if those files are still needed by showing how it would feel if they are gone :wink: