Possibility to hide a folder

Hello people,

I administrate the nextcloud of a club and I’m looking for a way to hide a certain folder. This folder contains the data from various apps and need to exist in the user profiles, but it shouldn’t be changed manually by the user. Is there a way (maybe with an addon) to realize this?

Generally I think, it’s a good idea to be able to hide files or folders when there is an option to show hidden objects.

To hide a folder, like on every Linux system, just put a . as first character of the name.

You can also adjust your permissions to give other users limited access (read-only, no write).

thank you! I can hide the Folder with the dot, and find it using the searchbar… unfortunately it’s not possible to delete or rename the hided folder :confused:

At my provider, I just have success as admin to the cloud, but not to the linux file level…

Ah ? Very strange. You mean can create a folder with a dot at first, you make hidden folder visible (in the bottom left parameters menu), and you can’t rename or delete it ?

Yes, because I can see the hidden folder just as a search result - so I can go inside the folder, but I can’t manage the properties of this object.

Now I’ve found out, this scenario is just, when I try to rename or delete the folder with the nextcloud-app or in the webpanel. With the nextcloud-client, I also can manage the hidden folders. So I have found a practical solution :slight_smile: