Possibile for the windows client not to sync but just display the content of the nextcloud server?

I’m new to nextcould and found it great! I installed it on my own server and installed the Windows client but I noticed that all the datas in the folder that I checked are copied to my computer and the server. I have huge number of datas and can’t afford to copy it all on my laptop with a small drive.
What I thought it would do, was me to get access on the files on the server but not copy it on my drive. A bit like the Google drive that you install on your windows : You have access to all the files directly on the server and they are not stored on your laptop.

How can I set up that? If it is still not implemented, will it be soon? If not, any idea what application I can use to have that with my nextcloud server?
I tried to use the basic Webdav from Windows but it did not work.


I think this may be what you’re looking for:

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