Ports closed over night / Server not reachable


My Nextcloud server was perfectly running but over night i couldn’t access it anymore. I tried updating my SSL cert (certbot) but that didn’t help.
Now i looked up at my noip account and found out that the ports are closed from the outside. (In my FritzBox they’re opened and everything seems fine.)
What can I do and what could be the Problem?
I’m using Apache and Nextcloud 11.0.2 on a RaspberryPi 3

Thank you for your Help,


EDIT: I purged and reinstalled apache and I can connect to the server over my local network now. The only problem is that it isn’t reachable over the dns entry (wich worked fine the last month).

Okay, I solved it.

I reinstalled everithing except nextcloud (ssl, php, apache etc) and now it works.

Don’t know how or if I can close this Thread.