Popup audio player in .md file doesn´t work (403)


I´ve linked audio files in an .md file at nextcloud and when I open this .md file at my chrome browser everything works, but the linked audio files at this .md file are not playable because nextcloud runs in an 403 error. All files are publically shared and accessable at the same folder.


It looks like this path is tried to reach: https://cloud.xy.at/apps/text/image?documentId=1134378&sessionId=45558&sessionToken=MIMnQtC2vsibaYwusf5OJix7oFjgAtnxrCT5aLMFIcp%2FyuYKLQdMyJaz0do3A1lO&imageFileName=%20-%20OT1%20(4).mp3&shareToken=MCjYncHa4o7HNtJ&preferRawImage=1

I am using nginx and php fpm 8.1.

Also I am having this error at the chrome console:

focus-trap.esm.js:328 Uncaught (in promise) Error: Your focus-trap must have at least one container with at least one tabbable node in it at all times
    at p (focus-trap.esm.js:328:13)
    at Object.activate (focus-trap.esm.js:590:9)
    at index.module.js:2:927213
    at c (index.module.js:2:916393)
    at Generator.<anonymous> (index.module.js:2:917731)
    at Generator.next (index.module.js:2:916756)
    at Ks (index.module.js:2:922383)
    at o (index.module.js:2:927367)